The General Department of the Information System

The site is located on the 6th ring road Zahra district, close to the Ministries Complex in South Surra. Currently the site is occupied by the Department of Communication Engineering amongst other departments such as the Department for civil defense.
Plot Area = 50,000 Sq.m actual
3 Basement + 5 Storey
Office Building - 5 Storey = 130,000 Sq.m
2500 Car Parking (Multi-Storey) – Built up Area = 40,000 Sq.m

The Project seeks to draw together three different entities (in addition to the Undersecretary’s Department) within the Ministry of Interior that together comprise of the GDIS:
1. Directorate of Information systems
2. Directorate of Security Systems
3. Directorate of Communication Engineering
The GDIS is a collective of three different directorates and the Undersecretary’s wing that together work as a database for networks, both hardware and software for civil and security services directly related to the Ministry of Interior. The organization collects, filters, processes and distributes data related to national security.
Various types of information systems such as database management systems, office information, civil services, security systems and information technologies are processed in this department.

Services Performed by the Firm

Design, Tender & SupervisionDesign Competition
Full Architectural, Interior & Landscaping DesignBuilding Engineering, Loose Furniture, It Equipment and Tender Documents

Period : 2012 - 2016

Client : MPW / Ministry of Interior