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Owner:    Ministry of Awqaf
Donator:    H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abulhasan
Plot Area:    1750 m2
Capacity:    1150 Persons
Built up Area:3150 m2

The Design of the mosque is a distinction of mix between the Modern and Classic style with huge classic arches in entrance and color stone for the façade cladding with high elevation and the GRC Decorative Mashrabia which surround the front elevation. It achieved with the natural stone cladding a huge distinction mass, and we can see behind this mashrabia a big curtain wall with Islamic motives which emerge the modern and development style from outside and big amount of natural light inside the main prayer hall.

The interior design for this mosque has an extended wall with marble cladding which has a harmony and soft color with particular Islamic motives in certain areas that is which gives us inside a serenity spiritualistic feeling.